This month, we had a celebration. Our office was filled with food, flowers, balloons, and laughter. Oh, yes, and selfies. Lots of selfies! That’s because we all wanted our pictures taken with Suzanne and Elly as we celebrated their 15 years at The Clever Factory.

Suzanne and Elly have been with us since our earliest years, making invaluable contributions along the way. Not to mention making this a great place to work!

They bring their energy and dedication to every job they touch. We look to these key leaders for innovative feedback and unique ideas–and so do our customers.

It’s people like Suzanne and Elly who enable us to continually come up with the brightest ideas and create the best products in our industry. The Clever Factory is so fortunate to have them!

So, Suzanne and Elly, everyone at TCF says: Thank you, thank you, thank you!